Our Team

Meet the Team!


Steve Wilks

Steve has had a passion for news since he graduated from Cornell with a BS in journalism in 2005. Steve has traveled to the far corners of the world reporting on stories, but has always wanted to return home to New York and deliver stories to its people. He returned from abroad in 2009 and immediately began setting up his news agency.


John Turner

John has been interested in writing and journalism since he dressed up as a reported for Halloween as a kid. He has found his passion delivering the highest possible quality news content since joining the team in 2010.

Emily Neeves

Emily knew she wanted to be in the news sector when she interned at the Washington Post back in 2007. Since then she has done a number of freelance reporting jobs, and settled in with our team in 2011.

Web Development

Wade Wilson

Wade has been fiddling with computers since he was 9 and his dad got him a Windows XP for his birthday. He loves web development, back end editing, and cats. He has been a valued member of the team since 2009.