Outlet Mall is Coming to Rochester

The Marketplace Mall in Henrietta is getting a re-branding and, by the summer of 2017, will be called “Marketplace Outlet”. The change comes with shifting consumer demand, and is brought on by an increase of online and bargain outlet shopping, as opposed to more “traditional” locations.

Some retailers will continue to operate in the mall (like Macy’s), and full price retailers will also be moving in. Some residents have expressed concern, stating that they do not want their favorite retailers (like JCpenney, Sears, and Target) to move out, and worry that they will be forced to either spend more money at the outlet stores, or travel further and shop elsewhere.

Overall, the move seems to be in line with the direction of consumer shopping at physical locations, with much of the shopping experience shifting to online, and many physical shoppers looking to purchase higher ticket items directly from stores, it seems to only make sense that the Marketplace move with the trends.